Open day Deutz Technikum

On the occasion of the 25th edition of Nuenen we held an open day at the Deutz Technikum in Köln (Germany).

This was a great success, and to celebrate the 30th Nuenen, there will be another open day!

This open day at the Technikum will take place on the Tuesday after Nuenen, May 22. From 10:30 to 16:30.

The visit to the Technikum will (of course) be free of charge.

During the day a lot of the engines from the collection will be running regularly. Since the last open day numerous engines have been taken back into service, so even if you were there 5 years ago we are sure it will be worth your while to join us again!

Attention! There is no public catering available at the museum!! Please make sure to bring your own lunch and beverages!!

The only thing Deutz asks for, is a list of people who want to come for a visit, for insurance- and security reasons. If you want to come over, please complete the form on this page, once for every visitor, to make sure you are on the guest list!

The address for the visit is:

Deutz Technikum
Ottostraβe 1
51149 Köln (Porz – Eil) Germany.
Please pay attention you have the right Ottostraβe, there are 2 of them in Köln!!

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