A very unique engine will be exhibited at the Nuenen 2020 show.

Demonstrated will be an engine built by the Austrian clock-builder Christian Reithmann. In the history of the development of the 4-stroke engine, a lot was written about this engine, and it played a prominent roll in the big law-suits about the 4-stroke principle at the time.

After the law-suits, the original engine was bought from Christian Reithmann by N.A. Otto, and it still is part of the Deutz engine collection today. It is not obvious that this engine ever actually ran as a 4-stroke engine. Some crucial parts are missing, and the inconsistent testimonies by Reithman on his engine don’t make things any clearer. However, in the Deutz engine collection there is a second Reithmann engine. An almost exact replica of the first engine. As far as we know, this engine was built by Reithmann on the occasion of the foundation of the “Deutsches Museum” in 1903.

This second engine was clearly built with the knowledge of the by then better developed 4-stroke engine, and slightly differs from the original Reithmann engine, only in some details. This engine is capable of running, and judging from depositions on the inside, it is clear that it once must have been run, but as far as known to us, is was never run in public. The engine has recently undergone some repairs, and has been running again, probably for the first time since 1903.

This engine will, for the first time in history, be demonstrated in public at the 2020 Nuenen engine show, an event that will not happen again any time soon!

So, please make sure you don’t miss out on this unique occasion, and come and join us at Nuenen, either as a visitor or as an exhibitor!