The “Nuenen” organizing team proudly announces the addition of 2 new enthusiastic members.

Anton van der Cruijsen and Gerrit Jonker have been involved in the organization of the “Internationale stationaire motorenshow Nuenen” for many, many years, and slowly, these years are beginning to count, making it less easy for them to perform the physical work involved in the annual preparations for the event. That is why we have been on the lookout for additions to the team for a while. This does in no way mean that Anton and Gerrit will be quitting the team! The tasks on hand will only be more evenly spread.

We found 2 guys with their engine-hearts in the right place, who are willing to contribute to future editions of “Nuenen”.

One of them, Peter Daamen, was already involved in the last edition of “Nuenen” (2019).

Peter is self-employed, he is involved in the supply and installation of plastic frames and doors.

As far as the stationary engine hobby is concerned, his preference lies with Crossley engines. Peter is well known for his beautiful and above all impressive Crossley HH11, weighing over 7.000 Kg, and mounted on a purpose-built low loader, guaranteed to attract a lot of attention wherever Peter takes it!

Peter Daamen


The second person to strengthen te team, starting the next edition of Nuenen to take place, is Jack Klaessen.

Jack also is self-employed. He is a blacksmith and specializes in fabricating (among other things) hinges, (roof) ornaments and other building hardware for restorations of historic buildings.

Jack’s collection is quite diverse. Not only engines, but also antique metalworking machinery are regularly exhibited in the mobile historic forge he is known for at events.


Jack Klaessen

We are very pleased to welcome our new team-members, and hope that together, we may organize many unforgettable editions of “Internationale Stationaire Motorenshow Nuenen”.

The Nuenen organizing team,

Anton van der Cruijsen

Gerrit Jonker

Bas Jamar

Peter Daamen

Jack Klaessen