Registration Nuenen 2021 Posted May 21, 2021


It’s Whitsun weekend and unfortunately, again we will not be meeting at Nuenen…

But as it seems, the developments regarding Covid-19 finally appear to be more positive, so we dare to dream of Nuenen taking place in some form or another in September. Perhaps with some restrictions, and of course depending on the measures that will be effective at that time.

This Whitsun weekend is however the appropriate moment to open the online registration form for Nuenen 2021 (Sept. 10-12). You now can register as an exhibitor on our website

Of course, whether or not the sow can take place will finally depend on applicable restrictions at the time!! So, if you want to register as an exhibitor, or want to visit the show, take good notice of the following:

  • If you did not already do so, please register to receive our newsletters at because we will communicate any possible changes or unhoped for cancellation through these newsletters. We will NOT be able to inform everyone that has registered in person, and it will also save visitors from unpleasant surprises.
  • We are planning to organize a barbecue party on the Saturday evening. You can register for this barbecue in the exhibitor registration form. Registration for the barbecue obliges you to pay, because we have to inform our caterer on the number of people joining. But it is not unthinkable that due to ongoing restrictions, this barbeque cannot take place. This will then also be announced in a newsletter, and in that case, of course the obligation to pay also expires.
  • Registration for the show EXCLUSIVELY via the online form on our website please! Registrations via Email, Facebook, phone calls etc. are getting very hard for us to process correctly.


We really hope the “Internationale Stationaire Motorenshow Nuenen” can take place September 10-12, and that we can welcome you in large numbers!

To get a bit of that Nuenen-feeling this weekend, you might want to watch some of the great “@home 2020” videos!