Registration Nuenen 2024 Posted January 27, 2024


Registration for Nuenen 2024 is now open, you can immediately register as an exhibitor for the international stationary engine show Nuenen on May 18, 19 and 20, 2024.

We are known for wanting to impose as few rules as possible on our exhibitors, but from this year we will be introducing a measure that many people have been asking for for years.

From now on, it is no longer permitted to drive vehicles on the show grounds during the opening hours of the show. It is therefore no longer possible, for whatever reason, to load engines and leave during the show; this is only allowed again at the end of each show day.

The forklift trucks will also not operate during the day.

Unloading of engines by arriving participants is possible until 10 a.m. on Saturday, after which the site will be closed to all vehicles during show times.

We have to do this because on the one hand the permit regulations of the municipality require this of us, on the other hand it has happened more and more in recent years that exhibitors start to leave halfway through the second show day, and once someone starts loading this is apparently a reason for many to follow this example, resulting in many participants having left halfway through the second day.

This is much to the dismay of visitors, but fellow participants are also increasingly telling us that this is a major detriment to the show. It is also very frustrating for us, the organizers, that participants often already arrive on Wednesday, but then already leave halfway through the show…

So if, for whatever reason, you do not want to be present for the entire weekend, you will have to load on the evening before the day of departure, or at least well before 9:00 am.

Everyone is of course free to decide for themselves how many days they will participate in the show, but please know that visitors who find an almost half-empty field on Sunday will not quickly return, it is these visitors who make the organization of your weekend in Nuenen financially possible.

We sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation, so that we can have great “Nuenen” shows for years to come!