Kees Fitters Posted January 27, 2024




Kees Fitters, a name that everyone who has anything to do with stationary engines knows all too well.

Kees was a living encyclopaedia, whatever you wanted to know in the field of historical engines, Kees knew it, or knew where to find it.

Kees was also a great motivator, he knew how to make people enthusiastic to take on projects and bring them to a successful conclusion, to make the best of them, and above all, to enjoy the beautiful things and moments in life.

But above all, Kees was a very nice person!

One of the projects for which Kees planted the first seed is our Internationale Stationaire Motorenshow in Nuenen. After visiting the “1,000 engine Rally” in Tatton Park, England, he thought that something similar should be organized in the Netherlands, and he encouraged a few people to organize an annual event for stationary engines only. This first happened more than 35 years ago in Hattem and was later continued in Nuenen.

Nuenen always remained a bit of “his party” for Kees, Kees thoroughly enjoyed “Nuenen” every year, and we all enjoyed Kees.

We will miss him very much, without Kees Nuenen will never be the same, but we will all continue to enjoy this wonderful weekend for years to come and will look back with great pleasure on the wonderful times we had with Kees.


So long Kees, farewell, thanks for everything!