Today, May 7, we went to Nuenen to inspect the show grounds, because we received reports that the field was still very wet. Unfortunately, the terrain is so wet that it is impassable, even on foot it is difficult to get through.

The area that we had as a fallback option has also been soaked due to the rain of the past few days. There is not the slightest chance that these areas will become dry enough to be usable for the show, and alternatives are unfortunately not possible at such short notice.

We have therefore had to decide, with pain in our hearts, that the show cannot take place during the Pentecost weekend, as it is impossible to drive on the site under these circumstances.

We have set a new date for the show, which will now take place from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 August 2024.

Participants who have already registered do not need to do this again, but we would appreciate it if you would unsubscribe if you have already registered and NOT participate on the new date. ( by Email, )

We sincerely regret that we are forced to make this decision at such short notice due to force majeure, we hope for your understanding.