New date Nuenen 2021 Posted January 17, 2021


The Pentecost weekend and “Internationale stationaire motorenshow Nuenen” have been inseparable for many years.

Of course it is impossible to predict how all present and future restrictions due to Covid-19 will affect our show, but we think it is very unlikely that all restrictions will have eased off enough by spring to enable our show to take place.

Furthermore, in the unlikely case restrictions might have been eased in the Netherlands by then, it is very wel possible this is not the case in other countries, which would prevent foreign exhibitors and visitors from coming over, unthinkable for an international engine show of course!

That is why we decided to move the show to a new date, as late as possible in the rally-season.

Nothing is for sure nowadays, and as you will understand we are totally depending on current developments and legislation, but the longer we postpone, the greater the chances that restrictions will have eased off enough to allow “Nuenen” to take place by then.


We intend to have the 32nd edition of Nuenen take place on september 10, 11 & 12 2021.


Within a few weeks we will activate the registration form for “Nuenen 2021” on our website. By then, some more details and information will be made available.

We count on your understanding for this unusual measure, and really hope that by then this virus will be under control enough for us all to meet again, we are very much looking forward to that!