1875 Gilles engine at Nuenen Posted March 11, 2015


It is with great pride that we can announce the appearance at “Nuenen” of a very special engine from the “Deutz Technikum” collection.

Two years ago we had the pleasure of showing you the 1860 Lenoir engine, this year the ca. 1875 Gilles engine will be presented at Nuenen. This engine was built at the Humboldt company in Cologne by a former employee of Gasmotorenfabrik Deutz. He was aiming to build an engine that was more efficient than the Deutz atmospheric engine. The Gilles engine also is an atmospheric engine, but has both a piston on a crankshaft as a free piston.

About 200 of these engines seem to have been built, and this one is the only known survivor. The engine is in working order, and will be demonstrated at regular times during the show.

IMG_2027IMG_2028The engineer july 1877 1a

Vous pouvez voir le moteur Gilles en marche ici: