Nuenen registration Posted May 5, 2018


The 30th edition of “internationale stationaire motorenshow Nuenen” is not far away now!

If you still have to register as an exhibitor, that is no problem of course. But if you want to take part in our barbeque on the sunday evening (free for exhibitors), please make sure you register on friday, 11th of May AT THE LATEST, at that date, we have to know the exact amount of people for the barbeque, registration after this date is not possible.

On the same date, registration for the open day at the Deutz Technikum will close.


Finally, we can anounce another great and unique engine that wil be demonstrated at “Nuenen” this year, it is a very rare Hanomag 2-stroke gas engine from 1881, on loan from the Hanomag Club in Germany.