Nuenen 2015 Posted January 25, 2015


The new year is well under way by now, and we are beginning to prepare ourselves for a new edition of the “Internationale stationaire motorenshow Nuenen”.

As always, we want to organise our show without to having too many rules for exhibitors and visitors, but to make sure all will go well and without trouble there are some issues you should bear in mind, and in the months before the show we want to share them with you, so we all will have a great time again.
The first thing we want to bring to your attention is early arrival on the camping before the show. People are showing up at the venue earlier each year so they can have sort of a “mini holiday”, last year people were there as early as the Tuesday before the show. Of course we are very flattered that you want to be with us to enjoy “Nuenen” for as long as you can, but not everybody is happy with this unfortunately…
We have had remarks from the owner of the venue (we only rent the venue for the duration of the three show – days), from the farmer who leases the meadow (he wants to mow the grass as late as possible and has to get the hay off in time), and from the municipality of Nuenen (our permit is only for the three show-days). As you will surely understand, we want to stay friends with those very important parties, so we want to ask you to take this into account when booking your ferry, and please try not to arrive before Wednesday afternoon. By that time we will be on the venue making preparations for the show (and all help is appreciated!), but there will be no facilities on the camping. Power, toilets and showers will be installed on the Thursday.
In the weeks to follow I will bring a few more issues to your attention, we hope everybody will take them into account as good as possible when planning your trip to Nuenen.

We are looking forward to it, are you too?