Unfortunately, due to the corona-virus, we will not be able to meet each other in person for a longer period of time than we are used to.

We will have to get used to it for now, and try to make the best out of it.

But maybe we can take advantage of the situation, and try to get to know each other in another way…

We normally meet at events, but we never get to visit most of our co-collectors, often because they live far away from us, or due to a lack of time.

We thought it might be a great idea if you would, preferably during the original planned date for “Nuenen”, make a movie of a running engine at your place, and at the same time allow us to have a look in your engine-shed, barn, museum or whatever.

We created a Facebook-event and a page on our website for this occasion.

Publicize your movie on YouTube and post the link in the Facebook-Event, or post the movie directly in the Facebook-event. If you email the link for the YouTube movie to, we will also post it on our website.

Name the movie Nuenen 2020 @home – preferably with your name added, so we know who’s place we are looking at.

We really hope we get a lot of response, so we still get to enjoy al little bit of the “Nuenen-feel” during the Whitsun weekend!

Hopefully we get to meet  in person very soon again , until then, stay safe and stay healthy!