Open day Rik Lemmens May 23, 2018 Posted November 7, 2017


Recently, well-known Dutch engine-collector Rik Lemmens contacted us and told us about an open day he wants to organize at his house.

Rik is a very enthousiastic engine-collector, most of you will probably know him. He has a, in his own words, small collection of stationary engines, but we can assure you there are some very rare and beautiful engines and other most interesting items in his collection!

He is also one of the volounteers that keeps the engines at the Deutz Technikum running, and will be demonstrating them during the open day at the Technikum.

On the occasion of the open day at the Technikum, Rik thought it might be a good idea to have an open day at his house on the day after the open day at the Technikum, so on Wednesday, may 23, 2018.

In particular for those travelling from far away this will prove to be a perfect way to spend another nice day. Rik lives in Gronsveld, in the very south of the Netherlands very near to Maastricht. this is a 1 hour drive from both Nuenen, as well as to the Technikum.

Everyone that wants to visit Rik at his open day is very welcome. Rik prefers not to openly publicize his address, but you can get more information about times and location from Rik at the Nuenen show.

A short movie showing part of Rik’s collection can be found here:

Rik wishes you all a great Nuenen, and is looking forward to welcoming you on wednesday, May 23. 2018.