The “internationale stationaire motorenshow Nuenen” is known for having very few regulations for the exhibitors. We are proud of that and really want to keep it that way, but a show of this size is impossible to maintain without any rules. To make sure the show will stay pleasant for exhibitors and visitors, we want to remind you of some existing rules, and introduce a few new ones.

  • On the showground trading is allowed but only very limited. It is ok to have a maximum of 5 items for sale. If you want to sell more, you will have to do this at the market place.
  • Starting this year, we will be using wristbands to help us with admission control. Every exhibitor will receive wristbands for him and his companions when registering at the entrance on Saturday morning. Please make sure to wear this wristband all weekend. Visitors will also receive a wristband as they pay and enter the show, a different color for each day. This way, anyone can immediately see who is on the field legitimately, and who isn’t.
  • On show days between 10:00 and 16:30 (Monday 10:00-13:00), it is NOT allowed to be driving any motorized vehicles on the rally-field (including fork-lifts!). Firstly, this is necessary to ensure safety for exhibitors and visitors. Secondly, we want to prevent exhibitors from packing up and leaving hours before the show has ended. So please make sure you are at the rally-field in time to set up your exhibits and have enough time to stay until the end of the day.
  • You can collect your rally-plaque from 16:00 (Monday 13:00)

We hope you understand the need for these (very limited!) regulations, and enable us to keep organizing the show by respecting them.